Chess DVDs – 40% Off Holiday Sale!

This 10 disc DVD set was designed to teach the game of chess; everything from basics to advanced strategy and tactics.

DVD Set Includes:

If you are new to chess or an experienced player looking to improve or fall in love with the game again, this DVD set is for you.

Customer Service


“I have been a casual chess player for 30 years and always wanting to improve my game. I tried everything including IM tutors and dozens of books, tapes, videos, and online courses. After working at this for years I can tell you nothing else compares to the outstanding education and training offered on the dvds offered by TheChessWebsite. I give them my 100% unqualified recommendation as the best chess training I have found in 30 years.”

Gerald Newman, Esq.

“After learning from The Chess Website for the past 2 years I decided to buy the dvds and can honestly say they are incredible. I now have a much better understanding of what I should be looking for and thinking about during a chess game. I have increased my rating 200 points and just wanted to say thanks.”

Craig Monroe, California.

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