Chess Knight

chess knight

Knights move much differently than any other chess piece and because of that make it a very important piece. The value of the knight is 3 pawns or 3 points. That is the same value as a bishop. Although they have the same value, knights and bishops have much different roles in a chess game.

Knights are the only piece in a chess game that can hop over other chess pieces. This makes a knight a very powerful piece when the game is “closed” meaning that the middle of the board is fixed with pawns and no pieces can get by. While even a queen can’t get past a blockade of pawns in the center of the board, a knight can happily jump over into the other side of the board and continue an attack.

Knights are also very much more valuable in the middle of the board. Knights usually don’t do well on the edge of the chess board and definitely don’t do well in the corner of a chess board. Make sure that you always have your knights focused on the center of the board. It is also important to remember that knights should be the first pieces that you develop. After pawns should come knights in development.

Watch the video below to watch a detailed video on knights.