Chess Pawn

chess pawn

Pawns are the weakest piece in the chess game but because there are 8 of them, they work very well together and any chess player must be able to understand how to use them best in a game.

One of the biggest advantages of the pawn is once they reach the 8th rank (the other side of the board), they can be promoted, or exchanged for any piece on the chess board besides the king and can’t stay a pawn. This is extremely important in a game where a player can turn a pawn into a queen and change the entire game.

In the opening of the game you should focus on two things when you are moving your pawns. The first thing you should always be doing is gaining center control. Many players believe that the d and e pawns are the most important because they normally control the center of the board. You usually want to develop these pawns early. The second thing you need to think about in the beginning of a chess game is king safety. Most players castle kingside, so it’s recommended that you don’t move the pawns (f, g, h pawns) if you don’t have to. The more you move your pawns away from your king the less safe the king becomes.

Watch the video below to watch a detailed explanation of chess pawns.