Englund Gambit Trap

This trap starts out with the Englund Gambit which is 1. d4 e5. This is not a recommended opening for black but something that you might see if you start with d4 and very important to understand how to move forward.

The Englund Gambit Trap is an ambitious attempt by black to lure white into making rational, but dangerous moves. Black will give up the e pawn early on and then bring out his queen for a quick attack on the queen side of the board. The critical move comes after black takes with 5…Qxb2.

1. d4 e5
2. dxe5 Nc6
3. Nf3 Qe7
4. Bf4 Qb4+
5. Bd2 Qxb2

In this spot white may be tempted to play Bc3 and attack the queen but the better move is to play Nc3.

Watch the video below to see a detailed explanation of this trap.