Larsens Opening


Larsens Opening is a change of pace from the typical openings where white looks to control the center of the board with this d and e pawns.  Instead white will play his bishop to b2 and control the dark square diagonal which will put pressure on black’s king side.

This is not an aggressive opening but does give white many favorable positions and also is poorly prepared for by black.

If white wants to play more aggressive he can always play e3 followed by f4 and start to push forward on the king side.  While e3 isn’t common, in Larsens Opening is makes a lot of sense because the dark square bishop is already out of the pawn chain on b2.

For those players that want to mix it up and like playing openings that their opponents might not be prepared for, this is a great opening to try.

Click the video below to watch a detailed explanation of this opening.