Muzio Gambit

Muzio Gambit: Kings Gambit

The Muzio Gambit is one of the most aggressive lines in the already aggressive King’s Gambit.

1. e4 e5
2. f4 exf4
3. Nf3 g5
4. Bc4 g4
5. 0-0

Instead of counter attacking with the knight on f3, white gives that knight up in exchange for a massive attack with his bishop, queen and castled king. Black is up in material but has a weakened king side and no developed pieces.

There are numerous traps that black can fall into and it is extremely difficult to avoid all of them

If you are an aggressive player and like sacrificing material in exchange for a huge assault on your opponent, I recommend trying out the Muzio Gambit.

Watch the video below to watch more detailed explanations of the opening, multiple variations, and extended lines.

Famous Games using the Muzio Gambit

G MacDonnell vs Bird, 1872

A Karpov vs Dimnov, 1960

Paulsen vs Blachly, 1857

Fischer vs T Kumro, 1964