Playing for a Draw

In chess it is not always the goal to try for a win. Many times it is important to try and play for a draw in a game. There are too many players that only play to win or lose but the beauty of chess is knowing when to focus your energy from your normal thinking to taking a game that is hopelessly lost and turn it into a draw.

There are few things better than playing an opponent who is completely destroying you only to have the game end in a draw.

There are two things that everyone should think about when it comes to playing for a draw. The first is perpetual check. If you can constantly check your opponents king and he can’t escape moving back and forth as you check him, the game is essentially a draw.

The next thing that you should look for is stalemate. This occurs when a king has no more moves but he is NOT in check. This is a drawn game. There are many games that have gone from completely winning to stalemate because one side lost concentration and the other side was playing for a draw.

Watch the video below to watch more detailed explanations of how you should play for a draw in the end game.