Top 10 Chess Openings

One of the most common questions that any new chess player will ask early on is, “What openings should I study first?” This makes sense because there are almost a hundred common openings and even more unorthodox openings that still may come up at a beginner level.

While there are many to choose from we have created a list of the top 10 chess openings that every chess player should know about. ┬áIf you aren’t familiar with some of these then you’ll definitely want to make sure you study up.

10. Slav Defense
9. London System
8. Caro Kann
7. Fried Liver Attack
6. French Defense
5. Ruy Lopez
4. Nimzo-Indian Defense
3. King’s Gambit
2. Sicilian Defense
1. Queen’s Gambit

In the video below we will discuss why each of these openings is so great for chess players.