Top 6 Checkmates to Know

top 6 checkmates you should know

There are many different checkmates in chess. Most people usually study end games so that they understand how to checkmate with certain pieces at the end of a game. While that is good, there are many common checkmates that come up in chess all the time. Being able to see board positions and know they are mating opportunities, will net you more wins and more early game wins.

The top 6 checkmates that you should study are as followed:

  1. Smothered Mate
  2. Back Rank Mate
  3. Anastasia’s Mate
  4. Opera Mate
  5. Boden’s Mate
  6. Arabian Mate

Once you have mastered these checkmates, you’ll be in a great position to secure more victories.

To see each of these checkmates in action, you can watch the video below.