Zurich Chess Challenge 2015

The Zurich Chess Challenge is held in Zurch, Switzerland and is one of the most prestigious chess tournaments all year. It is held from February 13-19, 2015.

There are only 6 competitors but they make up half of the top 12 players in the entire world. Below are the players and their respective ratings.

  • Fabiano Caruana 2811 (2nd in the world)
  • Vishy Anand 2797 (6th in the world)
  • Vladimir Kramnick 2783 (8th in the world)
  • Levon Aronian 2777 (9th in the world)
  • Hikaru Nakamura 2776 (10th in the world)
  • Sergey Karjaken 2760 (12th in the world)

The tournament is comprised of 5 classic rounds of chess and 5 rapid rounds of chess. For each classical win a competitor will receive 2 points. A tie in a classical game will be 1 point. In the rapid format a win will be 1 point and a tie will be 1/2 point. At the end of the 10 rounds the highest point total will win.