Other Websites

Listed below are a combination of chess websites that I recommend and also some of my other websites. Many people enjoy learning from me so I wanted to include some of my other sites that aren’t chess related for those that are interested. If you just are interested in chess though, no worries, there definitely are sites below for you.

  • Chess Game Strategies – Learn to play chess, from the perspective of a Beginner. Includes, extensive Beginners and Advanced Beginner’s Chess Guides; integrated Chess Game (SparkChess); Chess Puzzles; and a Free experimental Chess Openings Analyzer Software ($500 value).
  • Chess Baron – Place to buy chess sets, software, videos and books
  • Chess Central – Best place online to buy chess boards, software, games, and more
  • Genius Prophecy – List of great chess sites
  • Great Chess Games – Site to buy different types of chess games
  • Holiday Schedules and Calendars – Useful site to let you know what holidays different business are closed
  • Chess Kids – Resource specifically for kids learning to play chess
  • Learning Math the Right Way – Another site I created to help teach math