The most common questions are answered below. If you can not find the answer you are looking for please email me at and I will gladly get you an answer.

Is all of the content from the DVDs on the membership site?

How often is content added to the membership site?
New content is added throughout the month. You can check out all the updates in the membership updates section.

How much is the membership?
$7/month or $50/year.

Will that ever increase?
There are some really robust features that will be added to the site. All “active” existing members will be grandfathered in at the rate they signed up with.

How do I cancel a membership?
If you signed up and paid on the site you can click on your name in the top right to see your active memberships.

If you signed up and paid with PayPal you will need to cancel the automatic payment through paypal. Your account will stay active throughout the length of time you’ve paid. For step by step within paypal please see below:

I have an active membership but it doesn’t show when I click on My Account?
If you are paying with PayPal then you will have an active membership but it won’t show under My Account. If you paid on The Chess Website then you should see those memberships under My Account. If you have any questions please email us and we’ll take a look.

Will free content be added to the site?
Yes, definitely, but not nearly as frequently as the membership section.

Do you take requests for videos?
Yes. Many of my ideas come from member emails so please reach out to me if you have an idea on something you’d like me to add to the site.

What if I have questions about the playing chess at

The software on the site to play against opponents is embedded from The Chess Website is unable to assist in any issues you may have with logging in, tokens, records, or other things within the chess app. Come2Play has a support team that you can reach out to if you have any issues.