Pawn Square

Minor Pieces vs Lone Pawn

One of the most common end games in chess is a king and pawn vs a lone king. This can take many shapes, however. Sometimes the king and pawn are on the same file. Other times that king is racing from one side of the board to try and catch up to the lone pawn before it promotes to a queen and wins the game.

An easy way to see if the king can actually catch the lone pawn is to look at the pawn square. This is done by drawing a diagonal from the pawn towards the opponent’s king. As the pawn marches up the board this square gets smaller. If the king at any point step into the square then it will be able to catch the pawn before it promotes.

This is a super nice way to take away some of the chess calculations in the end game and make decisions easier and more precise.

Watch the video below to watch how a quickly calculate if a pawn can promote based on the square it creates.