Saavedra Position

Saavedra Position

The Saavedra Position is a famous end game position in chess where one side has a king and a pawn (on the 6th rank), and the other side has a king and a rook. While the board setup does matter, the side with the king and pawn can win if played correctly.

It all starts with pushing the pawn to the 7th rank. This puts the maximum pressure on the opponent as they have to worry about the pawn promoting to a queen at any given time.

The main thing that white must do (in this example) is thoughtfully move the king down the board while not allowing black to attack both the king and pawn.

Below you can watch a video that explains more on the Saavedra Position. If you would like to practice this position you can click below for a practice board.

Practice this end game below.