Zukertort’s Immortal Game

English Opening

In 1883 fourteen of the best players in the world gathered together in London for one of the big tournaments that year. Two of the top players in the field were Johannes Zukertort and Joseph Blackburne. If these names sound familiar it's because they have many openings, traps, and theories named after them. When they faced off, Zukertort would play his most iconic game ever, later called Zukertort's Immortal Game.
Starting with the English opening, Zukertort set up the bishop pair targeting Blackburne's king side. After Zukertort gained control of the center of the board he then turned his focus on breaking put he defense in front of black's king. After the dust settled all that was needed was three miracle moves for Zukertort to find. He did and what we are left with is one of the greatest chess games of all time. Enjoy!